Good Day to all our customers and new arrival to our website.

On this Page we are introducing all exciting news in relation to Ferndale.

This Year 2011 is a mile stone in our history from when we first started our adventure to become one of the most unusual Guesthouses and restaurants in Ireland.

As many of you know about 2 years back we redesigned our guesthouse and themed it to appeal the market with fun and exciting extras. This approach was a great success. It made us thinking of a new adventure to make Ferndale a destination you like to travel to.

And so it begins

for the next couple of months i like to inform you about our Adventure to redesign and extend our Guesthouse to bring it to the next Level.

We already started on the roman room to extend the Bathroom it will be a sanctuary of indulging yourself in the brand new double whirlpool Bath or just relax in this new jewel of a Bathroom.

Hopefully everything will be finished by the 10th of march incl. new lowered bay windows to give you the most of our stunning seaview and air and light into our historically themed Bedrooms.

As from the 10th of march we can hopefully start the brand new extension with sumptuous bedrooms consisting of fabulous views and top of the range interior all designed by myself but that is as soon as we get the approval of the county council or with other words if we get planning permission.

So fingers crossed and with gods help we are on our way to write the next chapter of Ferndale the adventure.

Kind regards