Extension II

Good Day dear guests and Friends of Ferndale,

Our story of “Ferndale the new adventure” continues with finishing the bathroom of the roman suite. It came out brilliantly, but it took nearly 5 weeks to complete and way over budget. The result but is stunning. With a size triple to what it was before.

God thanks we finally got the planning permission for our extension. I have to say – not a moment to soon – as we have a tide schedule ahead of us. With themed bedrooms as the ones before. One to be a Venetian Suite. I changed the concept and just seen this stunning bed on a website i could visualize how the finishing suite will look like.

Work starts on Monday and of cause we still have a few surprises in store. I definitely will not tell everything about the suite as i would love to experience the magic it does to our friends far and near and to see their faces when they first will see the finishing product by the end of June – exactly on the 16 of June.

Word of advise: Be very cautious with planning your extension and keep within the boundary of what buildings exist around you. Money in Ireland is still very tide and will remain so for a long time. You can feel it in how the planning authority are reacting and how banks are still behaving. They’ve got this billions of bail out money the next thing they do is raising interest rates to cripple people more. My trust in banks certainly have been compromised and this will remain as long as i live.

But it didn’t lower the excitement to build a fantastic guesthouse not to be seen anywhere in this country. To sort out material and finishing touches as well as to talk about it it feels like explorers in earlier times.

An Adventure to say the least but i keep in touch.